S t y l e s   M a k e   F i g h t s

If you are a boxing fan, you have undoubtedly heard that saying, which serves as the foundation of this game. There is a great deal of truth in those three words and Legends of Boxing is designed to bring that fistic chemistry to life.

A Brief Introduction to LOB


The core concept of Legends of Boxing is to depict fighter's strategies or “modes” and make them an integral part of a his ratings in this game.  The action will reflect fighter’s tendencies to be defensive, fight from the outside, brawl on the inside, or "walk down" and pressure his opponent.

After countless simulated fights, Legends of Boxing (LOB) continues to improve.  I still enjoy it as much as any other game.  It is designed for solitaire play, allowing you to be the matchmaker and observer of the action.  Best of all, I have enjoyed sharing my hobby with hundreds of other gamers all over the world.  

Enjoy the game!

Gary Brown

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Special Thanks to the following contributors: 
LOB for Windows
- Bill Salm (software, GUI, programming…. He went the distance!)

Fighter Ratings - Bill Salm, Rocco Del Sesto (Cardmaker), Ron Arnst, Jim Chaffin, Mike Schnepp, Tom Gerbasi, Keith Higdon
Web Hosting - Jeff Downey

Play-testing: Jim Chaffin, Dave Arlington, Vinny Mancini, Jeff Downey, Keith Higdon, Nigel Ward, and Denis Quinn
Career Campaign Supplement - Nigel Ward

Latest News:

New LOB with Fast-Action Cards is now available! 

There is a smoother, faster way to play LOB on your table top.  The FAC deck is a big improvement to the playability of the game.  Check it out!

Ali vs Norton at Yankee Stadium
Photo Credit unknown