Rounded Rectangle: Legends of Boxing Game Files

Downloads: Click on the links below to begin downloading game files. The content of each download is described below. Fighter ratings are provided as a seperate download, because they are occasionally revised and expanded.

Warning - Low Blow: Legends of Boxing is protected by copyright law and is made available for personal entertainment purposes only. Any sale or redistribution of this work without the author's expressed written consent is strictly forbidden.

Table Top Game Downloads

NEW!  Legends of Boxing 2011

The latest version of LOB, is designed to use Fast-Action Cards (FACs).  Anybody familiar with Avalon Hill’s Title Bout game will appreciate the smooth flow of the new LOB!   There is no longer a need for a separate basic version of the game. Updated instructions and the new FAC deck are included. 


This zip file contains the following PDF documents:

· Instructions: 7 pages

· Game Charts

· Mode Cards: 2 pages

· FAC deck: 10 pages

· Quick Reference Sheet

· Printable score sheet


Note: Fighter ratings and auto-filled score sheets are found in the Fighter Ratings Workbook, downloaded separately below.


To Play this version of the game, you will need the following:

· Adobe Acrobat Reader

· Microsoft Excel (for the Fighter Ratings workbook below)

· Cardstock 8.5"x11" (recommended for charts and the FACs)



LOB Fighter Ratings Wookbook (as of March 2010)

This is a huge Excel Workbook designed by Rocco Del Sesto, it has become the master source and score sheet accessory for LOB. It automates score sheets, enables you to print fighter cards and is the complete source for fighter ratings with over 1450 ratings.  

Career Campaign Add-On
Nigel Ward provided the groundwork for taking fictitious fighters through an entire career. I've used it for two simulated careers and I'm looking forward to doing it again sometime.

Fighter Ratings June 2005 by Jim Chaffin
This spreadsheet contains 23 LHW and HW contenders. Thanks for the contribution Jim!

Legends of Boxing for Windows 2005

This download is a compressed installation executable which will self-extract and install LOB 2005 on your PC. You will also need the patch – installed separately below.

LOB for Windows 2005-Patch and Upgrade This download fixes all the known problems and expands the game with a number of improvements too. Tremendous job by Bill to address all of this with a single upgrade!