Legends of Boxing

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This is where LOB began with discussions about Title Bout, Data Boxing and Championship Boxing in 1999. 

Useful Links & Friends of LOB


PLAAY.com  is back!  Check out these creative sports games from my friend Keith Avallone.  The home of Second Season Football, Face to the Mat Wrestling, Hockey Blast, and more. 

Downey Games is not only our gracious host, but the producer of a wide variety of sports-themed games, including Main Event and Ultra Quick Boxing!    Many of these games are complimentary to more detail simulations and could enable you to take on a bigger sim projects for boxing, wrestling, football and more.

Hey look!  Somebody created a page for LOB on Board Game Geek.com.   I was surprised to stumble on this.

LOB on Board Game Geek

Of course I took the time to add some current info to the page.